How to Make a Woman Melt/ How to Move a Woman (for both Men and Women)

Who class is for: This is a class for both men and women. It is not a dance class, but involves non-sexual touch, and some movement to music.

Men: experience what you need to do to skillfully move a woman and physically lead her around a room in a way that inspires her trust.
Women: experience what is needed to be moved in a way that is both within your boundaries and in line with your own desire.
All: Learn what makes good touch good.

Skills taught:
– How to say and receive a NO while staying open emotionally to another person
– How to make clear requests and invitations to the woman you’re with
– Hands on experience learning different kinds of non-sexual touch
– How to move a woman and lead her in such way that she feels safe, is able and willing to follow you where you want to take her
– Learn about when is the right time to touch her

– How to say and receive a NO while staying open emotionally to another person
– Connect to your boundaries and learn ways to communicate them clearly
– Hands on experience learning different kinds of non-sexual touch
– How to give feedback about touch to the man you are with in a way that he hears you without defensiveness
– Allow yourself to trust his lead as he moves your body around the room

– Enjoy the pleasure of safe, non-sexual touch, the exploration of allowing each partner to lead for a little while, and notice what reactions or enjoyment we have to following.

Class Description:
First, we start with an exercise to establish boundaries and communicate them in a fun, non-threatening way.
Then, we learn what makes good touch good, practicing the 4 levels of touch, and learning a vocabulary for requests and preferences for touch.
Finally, we learn about how bodies move, how we can move others’ bodies, a little about how to read non-verbal signals, and when to use care and how to use boldness safely when moving another.

Class structure: Combines lecture, Q&A, and experiential practices. 3.5 hours.

Authentic Relating Games Night

Who class is for:
Anyone who loves connecting deeply with others, who prefers one on one conversation, who feels lonely and would like to learn how to make better friends faster, who would rather have quality interactions or no interactions at all!

Skills taught:
The challenge of speaking only the truth of your own experience… your imaginations, projections, feelings, thoughts, sensations, noticings.
Letting your curiosity run wild about another, and sharing it with them… in connection.
Learning words for the entirety of your experience and others’, including the uncomfortable bits.
And accepting all those bits. Maybe with some laughter. Definitely with company.
Class Description:

It’s not a class, it’s a night of games! But we’ll lead it, and teach you, and have fun with you! You can use them as deep-as-you-want-to-go-icebreakers for whatever group you may lead in the future!

Here’s how Authentic World and The Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado describes Authentic Games Nights:
“Great opportunities for Intentional Socializing with fellow do-gooder’s, consciousness geeks, curious experimenters & generally adventurous souls.
Safe places for taking risks, playing a little more outside the box, and discovering more of ourselves than we might in our everyday lives.
Men, women & couples are all welcome to enjoy an evening with us while cultivating a deeper understanding of yourselves and what’s possible in your relationships.”
Class structure: Deep games, risky games, movement games, revealing games. Play to your comfort level: Mild, Medium or Spicy. Meet parts of your friends you never knew existed. 3.5 hours.

Relationship Classes (Evenings): (We are working on more creative titles!)

Vulnerability Class:

Who class is for:
Men and women who are willing to consider their partner as an *actual* partner, and open themselves vulnerably in order to do so, in service of building a solid, loving, storm-weathering team. Both couples and singles (wanting to practice for their future relationships) are welcome.

Skills taught:
Rise above content to context. In the relationship overall. Moment by moment. In an argument. Every 6 months.

Class description:
One commitment lays the foundation for every relationship together.
One question brings awareness of whether we make progress together or not.
One technique can save us when we are spiraling downward away from each other, seemingly unable to reach out.
And one question serves as a gauge for assessing and repairing if we have lost vital parts of our relationship.

These are brand new questions we haven’t heard compiled anywhere before, and they are the ones that have been MOST effective for us in keeping us connected, open and on the same powerful team in our relationship.

Class structure: Mini-lectures, Q&A and exercises. 3.5 hours and full day.

Gender Differences between Men and Women:

Who class is for:
Men and women who are willing to admit that men and women have different needs within a relationship. We will learn to acknowledge those differences, so your partner will feel honored and appreciated.

Skills taught:
Use some our partner’s instinctive, native language.
Learn what strengthens and weakens our partner, so we can choose to strengthen them.
Learn how to build a bridge to our partner, providing their core need when they most need it.
Learn what is our partner’s core strength, how to appreciate them for it, how to see the connection to its opposite, so we can more easily accept that part as well.

Class description:
Men and women have core needs that are very similar. And, if we don’t appreciate the unique needs that are distinctive to our partner’s gender, we are leaving out crucial parts that need to be acknowledged. The better we can learn to honor one another, the more complete a partner we will have.
As one gender, we speak and listen in a particular way. We are afraid of our partner’s power, so we habitually diminish the other (whether we are aware of it or not). We need appreciation in a unique way. We judge the other gender through our lenses. And while we are (also) afraid of the other being weak, we are not necessarily fluent in how to best strengthen our partner, AS a member of a different gender.

Class structure: Mini-lectures, Q&A and exercises. 3.5 hours and full day.
Predominantly different from any other gender-based class above.

Sex and Intimacy:

Who class is for:
Men and women ready to skyrocket their sex lives into the mundane to get to the sacred.

Skills taught:
Let’s talk about sex.

Class description:
How much do you consider your partner’s genitals after they have climaxed? Are you “done” with them (their genitals), so you don’t really give them much thought or attention?

How does sex embarrass you? How is it NOT integrated into your life?

What are your limits to talking about sex? Locations (not so someone on the street can hear you)? With certain people (not with Mom)? With a certain tone of voice (because it needs to be respectful; it cannot be…)? Can you show legitimate turn-on if it’s part of the story you are telling? Can you allow yourself to feel it in the moment in front of others?

What if sex could be your gateway into becoming your most powerful self? What if your partner could be your champion, your beacon, your spirit guide? What would that look like each night? How much of you could you open yourself up to receive from them? Could you allow them to worship you? How much of you is available to worship another into their highest self?

Can you say what can’t be said about sex?
Can you claim what you really want?

Class structure: Prep questions beforehand, Written self-reflection in class shared with a class member, Lecture and Exercises. 3.5 hours and full day.