What Erin Wants

I want men to be appreciated.

I want men to be happy.

I want men to be seen and appreciated for the gifts they are to women… Just by being men.

I also want men to be acknowledged for their contribution to the world, and the multitudes of responsibilities they tend to shoulder… Just because they are men.

Men are so very often heroes, and doing their best in the battles they face in the world each day.

I love having men in my life. My life is SO much richer for it!!!

I *honor* men. I respect men. I’m graaaateful for men.

I teach women how to understand men’s behavior. I teach women how to receive the gifts that men consistently offer… And how to be willing to show men how deeply those gifts affect them.

I teach men how to understand women’s behavior, our deepest need above all others, and our one deepest desire. I teach men how to follow when women talk, and how to stay grounded and loving through all our emotion… I teach men the most powerful gift they can possibly give to women, to their families, and to themselves.

Come join me as I help to bring a new wave of appreciation for men. Today.

Because more powerful men means more attentive lovers, more loving partners, more gentle-but-clear fathers and more integrous leaders.

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