Challenge to Men 1 (for Men)

Who class is for:
We welcome any man who wants to challenge himself to have his sexual life aligned with his integrity and communication skills. Although the class is designed for single men, communication tools relevant for men with partners are taught as well.

Skills taught:
– Becoming more aware of your own desire.
– Owning and speaking your desire without imposing it.
– Welcoming women to become aware of and speak their desires.
– Being able to connect to the vulnerability of women.
– Gently challenging women to stay in their integrity.
– Connecting to moments of when you were/ were not in integrity.
– Identifying the next areas in your life that you need to apply integrity.

Class description:
A class to remind men of the integrity, protection, spaciousness and other core noble qualities inherent within men, and practice time with a specific example to teach you how to apply those qualities to sexuality.
We do a meditation designed to introduce you to the daily vulnerability women experience as they walk through the world, and offer a new understanding of women’s self-protective behavior.
We will work with a situation where women can be out of integrity about sex, and how you can use a simple four point communication tool to hold your own integrity, to make sure you and your partner are in clear communication about the current sexual experience.
By identifying your own desires and speaking them, while maintaining integrity about women’s boundaries, you can heal old wounds around scarcity-of-sex mindsets.
You will get a clear bodily sense of being in and out of integrity and what areas of your life you need to align your integrity with next.

Class structure: Combines lecture, Q&A, and experiential learning. 3.5 hours.

Challenge to Men 2/ Woman-Panel: Listen to Women

(Class is for Men; a live Woman-Panel will be part of the workshop)
Who class is for:
Men who are frustrated and/ or confused/ overwhelmed by listening to details and flow often present in women’s speech.

Skills taught:
– Understanding the fundamental difference between how men and women communicate.
– Becoming able to listen underneath the words and feelings to the deepest needs women have in their communication.
– Learning to set time boundaries on listening, without hurting her feelings.
– Enjoy listening to women.

Class description:
As human beings, while there are more similarities than differences between men and women, we acknowledge that men and women listen and speak in very different styles. When we can identify and understand these different styles, we can not only appreciate them, but learn to work WITH them.
Learning to listen in a way that works for the other gender (whether at home, at work, in school or with friends), provides the listener with a much more profound understanding about the speaker, and the speaker with a powerful sense of being received and heard.
This class offers men a technique to listen to women that gives you something to focus on… a point. First, we reveal the benefits of WHY women communicate in the detail and flow they do. We acknowledge men’s (sometimes painful) experience in listening to women, and offer a solution to the problem that works for both men and women. We want women to feel heard, and men to have a powerful way to stay clearly focused during conversations with women.
A panel of women will be there to answer intimate questions about themselves, in order to provide the men with plenty of listening and reflection time. Practice time for the men will be structured with increasing levels of difficulty.

Class structure: Combines lecture, experiential practice with a panel of women, feedback from the women, and Q&A. 3.5 hours.

Challenge to Men 3: Working Through your Sh*t with Women (for Men)

Who class is for:
Men who react in a way they don’t like (dominating, freezing, giving in, or wanting to leave) either repetitively with the same woman, or to the same behavior with different women.

Skills taught:
– Setting boundaries with women that you care most for, and maintaining those boundaries lovingly.
– Learn to identify which unconscious patterns are in play when you react and how to work with them.
– Stay emotionally available to others WHILE maintaining boundaries.

Class Description:
Provides an understanding of why boundaries are difficult for men to maintain with women they care about the most. Introduces mother-wound and father-wound theory.
Identify the patterns and situations where men are least powerful. Clearly identifies our reactive patterns to anxiety and how to work with them.
Learn a more effective way to set boundaries. Lots of practice communicating those boundaries with care. Opportunity for one-on-one roleplay with Erin.
The most intense class we offer for men.

Class structure: Combines lecture, and intense experiential one-on-one roleplay. Either 3.5 hours or one full day, depending on the number of men.
*NOTE: This may not be the first class you take with Erin. Challenge To Men 1 or 2 is required first.