Invitation to Women 1/ Man-Panel:

How to Listen to Men so you hear the depth you want to believe is there
(Class is for Women; a live Man-Panel will be part of the workshop)

Who class is for:
Women who question the accessibility/ existence of, but long for, men who will share consistently and deeply about themselves.

Skills taught:
– Understanding how and why men’s and women’s communication is fundamentally different.
– See more clearly the benefits of the ways that men are compelled to be in this world.
– Learn how receiving a man well changes how he is with you and communicates with you.
– Learn to enjoy the complexity of men’s inner worlds, just by listening to them.

Class Description:
As human beings, while there are more similarities than differences between men and women, we acknowledge that men and women listen and speak in very different styles. When we can identify and understand these different styles, we can not only appreciate them, but learn to work WITH them.
Learning to listen in a way that works for the other gender (whether at home, at work, in school or with friends) provides the listener with a much more profound understanding about the speaker, and the speaker with a powerful sense of being received and heard.
Women so deeply want to believe that men have the capacity to partner them in the depth of connection that women truly crave. This class teaches women why men are so worthy of being listened to, the benefits (to women) of listening with such a profound perspective, and with this particular technique. In the second half, men will be there on a panel to respond honestly to deep questions about themselves, giving women a felt experience of what is possible when we listen in this new way.

Class structure: Combines lecture, Q&A, and experiential practice with a panel of men. 3.5 hours.

Invitation to Women 2: Boundaries, Desire & Receptivity (for Women)

(Men will be working with us during the afternoon.)

Who class is for:
For women who try to smile and be as nice as possible, hoping that someone will notice that they feel infringed upon, then blow up in anger, while those around them are confused about what was wrong.
For women who often don’t know what they want in moments of decision, especially in relationship with another’s desire, or who backs down when her desires conflict with another’s.
For women who feel a bit resistant, or not quite comfortable showing their full gratitude when another provides a gift.

Skills taught/ Results:
– To get in touch with the gentle and fierce feminine and relate from this artful place.
– To have your feelings, but not be swayed off your center by them.
– To KNOW where you begin and he ends. To hold that space easily… welcome him towards you, and gently but firmly move him away from you when necessary.
– To set boundaries in a clear way, so you feel safe to be more open.
– To be in touch with your needs and desires and make requests in a way that inspires others to help you meet them.

Class Description:
Women, if you want to deepen your connection to your feminine side, then we have to start by learning how to set boundaries in a clear way. We must learn that we CAN establish safety within and around ourselves, then we can learn HOW to. After the firmness of boundary setting can come the art of expressing those boundaries gracefully.
When your boundaries are firmly established, within those structures comes the space and ability to feel clarity about your needs and desires. Men can help to provide that structure and space, which they will do in the afternoon. We will also practice a way of making requests that inspires others to participate with us in meeting our needs and desires.
When others provide our desires, and help us get our needs met, the opportunity for us is to practice fully receiving those gifts. Softening ourselves (which is possible because we know we can protect ourselves by holding our boundaries firmly) to express our deep gratitude and appreciation is the completion of the Desire Cycle.
After the morning with just women, during the afternoon with the men we will be practicing setting and speaking boundaries, discovering and speaking our needs and desires, and receiving reflection and expressing gratitude.

Class structure: Combines lecture, Q&A, and experiential practices. Full day class.