Men, I want you to win with women.600015_10100280932865198_955031394_n
And I want to teach you how.

I want you to have more sex.

More sex with women who are a FULL YES to you.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you:

Women aren’t calling you back when YOU think you guys had a great time that night. Then they are suddenly not feeling well, and then traveling. Or busy.  A lot.

Or maybe she’s over at your place, and the kissing has been sweet and long and melting and building,
the making out has been breath-taking and grindingly, I mean, blindingly 😉 awesome,
and you did what you were supposed to, pacing her, moving it along… And then something just…happened. And you have no idea. And she sure as fuck isn’t telling you.

What’s up with the lack of direct communication?

There’s a good reason for it. I’m happy to share it with you this Thursday night.

If you aren’t hearing from women directly that they want to have sex with you,
then I challenge YOU to raise your standards with women.
I challenge you to hold HER to her integrity around sex.
And I will teach you how to do that in this class in four sentences.

You can be the man who she calls back.
The man she wants to have sex with next week. Maybe next month. Maybe 6 months from now.
(Or maybe just twice next week.)

You can be the man that women tell their friends about because they TRUST you.
Not friend-zone trust you, but tears in her eyes, quiet stillness, sacred moment,
opening-their-bodies-to-you-without-another-thought type of trusting you.

I want you to be the man that she can tell her wettest,
raciest, edgiest, most intimate desires to.

ARE you that man that has earned that level of trust with her?
Not many men are. Yet.

I want you to be the man who is worthy of her risking opening her whole heart,
her whole body,
her wild sacred spirit…
Worthy of her sharing her every single, dripping, wrung-out, spent, sweaty, unabashed bit of passion. With you.

To get there, there is ONE thing you need to know. On Thursday I will explain what it is and how to communicate it, point by point, with wording you can use.

I’m teaching this class because I am fiercely dedicated to you knowing… that women want you.
I am ABLE to teach because of the trust I feel for you, just because you are men.

When I taught this class at Burning Man this year, over 100 men showed up.

All I want is to introduce you to it. To invite you. To challenge you.
You make your own choice after that.

Any questions, just reach out.


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