For 3 months, “Inside a Woman”, each week of each month:

1- I will first TEACH you a “secret.” Explain it. Give you history, examples.
2- We’ll talk about how it shows up in YOUR life, so you can recognize it when you see it.
3- Then I will give you SPECIFIC steps to take, and we will role play them, making sure you are comfortable with each step before we go on to the next.

Read more about Inside a Woman coaching package here.

The Bare Bones program is 90 minutes per week, each week, for 3 months, so a total of 13 sessions for $4100.

The Meat and Potatoes program is up to 3 hours per week on Skype, (nearly) unlimited email, each week, for 3 months (13 weeks), for $10,200.

Which includes a Dessert Option: an In-Person Full-Day Bonus.

You can get every question, past or present, that comes up answered for you…

If we’re in the same town, we can have sessions in person vs. Skype if you prefer.

The “Dessert Option” is the BONUS for the the Meat and Potatoes program… It’s a FULL DAY of hands on Touch Training with me. (Value $3k)

(No, it’s not a sexual hands-on training.)

Everything you learn in the final month of touch training…
– how to make first contact
– finer points of etiquette
– how to initiate and release touch (so you don’t come across as creepy)
– how to move her body moves so she feels safe
– how to make her melt
– foundational principles for phenomenal (non-sexual) massage
– keys to sweep her off her feet in partner dancing (without learning lots of steps or moves)
– how to move her to the bed… etc. etc.

We practice in person. Obviously, I’ll be giving you live feedback, moment-by-moment training, and many, many chances to re-try… or to perfect.

(Nervous? Keep breathing… nervous + breathing = excitement.)

You come to my location, or bring me to yours, and we choose specific exercises that you learned on Skype for you to experience in person.