“Inside a Woman” Coaching Package

Imagine what it would be like to hear…
…and actually UNDERSTAND…
…what it’s like inside a woman’s head, heart, and body.
What would it be like to have a DIRECT, (kick-ass), SAFE, and WELCOMING woman on your side?
Who is completely DEVOTED to sharing this all with you?
A woman who loves men…
Who (demands and) wants you as POWERFUL as possible…
And wants you to WIN with women.

How would you like to:

  • Make listening to the details of stories that women share (while we are wearing a hat cuz the sun was in our eyes, even though it was messing up our hair that we had just.gotten.styled.that.morning!) much less TEDIOUS, painful, and brain-fogging?
  • KNOW what is the most important factor that will ENABLE women to have sex with you? (It’s a big claim, but it’s pretty clear. Test it out yourself…)
  • Learn how to TOUCH women? (and while you didn’t get taught that, you sure are expected to know that, aren’t you?)

One more question
Would you like to get detailed, step-by-step instructions, from a woman, on what actually WORKS with women?
As in, on a physical level, a mental level, and on the level you absolutely need to START at with women?
(Hint: Every woman starts with her heart-and-gut level instincts, whether SHE knows it or not.)
We all know that women have kick-ass instincts…
(Men have them too…)
I’m not willing to teach you how to bypass those instincts in her.
And if you WANT to learn to bypass those, you and I have nothing to talk about.
This isn’t about manipulating women…

It’s about helping you get your needs fulfilled,
so you don’t feel tempted to manipulate.

I want to invite the MAN I know you are to learn with me
· A man who has integrity…
· A man who feels the responsibility to have integrity throughout his life…
· A man who isn’t afraid to do some hard work…
· A man who wants results…
· A man who isn’t afraid of a challenge.

I’m looking for a man who is courageous enough to admit that he doesn’t have all the answers… and a man who is hungry for success with women.
You are a man who LOVES women, and I know you want to make women happy.You want to protect and provide for women (in whatever way feels good to you)
You just need a little fucking guidance…
(I curse… Sorry if that’s not okay… but I’m pretty fucking passionate, and I like to be direct.)

Here’s the deal:
There are some core things between the genders that *seem* to be secrets…
But they shouldn’t be…
They get in the way of you *winning* and actually knowing how to make women happy…
These “secrets” get in the way of you understanding women.
Well, I want to let you in on MY secret about women…
You don’t need to worry about losing that special “mystery” women have if you learn with me…
You see… women are *wellsprings* of desire.
For better — or worse — we will ALWAYS want more.
We will always CHALLENGE you.
We will *always* show you the next step you need to take to be greater and greater men.

But here’s the secret:
There isn’t any mystery about our motivations, or our behavior.
And when I’m done with you…
YOU will be able to see, hear, and recognize these patterns.
YOU will understand why women do what we do.
YOU will know our deepest needs.
I WANT you to KNOW me…
I want to be known by you…
To be known — and touched — inside and out. By you.
*All women do.* (That’s another “secret”!)
You see, I WANT you to know what women NEED and WANT!
I WANT my sister women to be blindingly, blissfully, soul-refreshingly, soaking-it-up-in-her-cells HAPPY…
And I want YOU to be the man that has her so deliriously in love with who she IS just from having connected with you…
I know we bubble over…
We regenerate you…
Our juiciest of juiciness nurtures and revitalizes you, so you can go back into battle.

Please listen
You already feel responsible for so much… your work, your future, your happiness, her happiness, maybe her future…
I know you feel that pressure…
Let me help you…
I WANT to make this easier for you…
I want to teach you -not- how to GET inside… but how to be WELCOMED inside a woman’s heart, head and body. In that order…
… because the order is important.
Your progress can go quickly, but not if you speed through the deep places, which start right at the beginning.
This is deep learning.
I will teach you thoroughly.

For 3 months, “Inside a Woman”, each week of each month:

1- I will first TEACH you a “secret.” Explain it. Give you history, examples.

2- We’ll talk about how it shows up in YOUR life, so you can recognize it when you see it.

3- Then I will give you SPECIFIC steps to take, and we will role play them, making sure you are comfortable with each step before we go on to the next.

It will still be work on your part. Some weeks, I’ll even give you homework. 😉
But you can always come back the following week and ask questions.
We’ll go at your pace.
The plan is laid out, and we can ALWAYS add more in (there is ALWAYS more, trust me!)
Or we will go at whatever pace you need to, in order to have this new perspective sink into your bones.
People learn best from experience.
Men learn even better than women do from experiential learning.
We are going to give you plenty of it.

1- You can do the Bare Bones version of this program at one hour per week for $2k.

2- Or in the Meat and Potatoes version, you can get every question, past or present, that comes up answered for you… at up to 3 hours per week, skype and email, for $5k. If we’re in the same town, an in person option *is* available. You save $1k, plus…

BTW, (given that I’m a woman), there’s a pretty awesome Dessert option (value $2k). It’s the BONUS for the the Meat and Potatoes option… It’s a full day of hands on Touch Training with me. (No, not those parts ;-). But hope that was a fun moment!) But everything you learn in the final month of touch training, from how to make first contact, to how to make her melt, to how to move her to the bed… we practice in person. And you get live feedback.
(Nervous? Keep breathing… nervous + breathing = excitement.)
You get yourself here, or choose to bring me there, and everything becomes MUCH more real…

You will graduate from “Inside a Woman”:Erin Brandt
– understanding women’s motivations
– understanding women’s behavior
– knowing how to listen to women
– knowing when to be gentle with women
– knowing what women need most to allow herself to have sex with you
– knowing what one thing women need in order to be attracted to you, over her ENTIRE lifetime
– with a MONTH of instruction on how to touch a woman
– practicing the ONE thing that will melt a woman’s heart… that MOST men will probably never know, and even fewer will allow themselves to do
– etc…

You will graduate seeing women differently than you have EVER seen women before.
I promise.
You will have much more patience with them, you will know how to talk with them, and they will say you are SUCH a good listener.
They will be silent with you, moved powerfully by your presence and understanding.
By the safety you provide them…
(Btw, it is your “presence” that will keep you out of the “friend zone.”)
Women will naturally respect you.
Women will impact you more deeply than ever before.
Because you are paying closer attention to her than you have ever paid to a woman before.
Because you will see the patterns I point out to you, you will naturally become more and more curious.
Drawn in by the map I will give you, the territory will start to make more sense.
You will have access to her body… in ways that will have her open to you.
You will have earned her trust.

Contact me at Erin@AppreciatingMen.com
and then give me a call at 1.650.520.1373.

And let’s talk for 30 minutes… see how “Inside a Woman” might help you.

To your greater understanding of women, and to our deepest fulfillment by men,