Action Items:

1. I would be happy to schedule some Zoom or phone time with you over the next couple of days to answer any questions you may have, and to see if my coming to your men’s group is the best choice for the stage your group is in. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested, as I am usually only in each town briefly.

2. Please indicate if you are interested in discussing the possibilities of planning a combination of groups to include as many men as possible while I’m in town.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Erin Michaela Brandt, MS

Bottom line…I’ve been a men’s coach since 2008, and I took 2+ years to travel around the US, working directly with men’s groups, by donation.

While I’m not traveling now, due to Covid, I’m staying with my Dad, helping him with his life-rearrangement after divorce, allowing him to quarantine, and putting more of my classes online. Here’s some history though…

A bit of background…

I started working with men during the Authentic Man Program in San Francisco in 2008, giving reflection to men as they practiced being present, learning to track sensations and emotions in their bodies, and interacting with women. I knew from my first weekend training with AMP that I wanted to work with men full time.

Since Spring of 2014, I’ve been traveling full time (US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) teaching classes for men, couples and sometimes women, seeing my coaching clients via video along the way.

A few years ago, I started doing more work with men’s groups – with the group as a whole, and then with individuals during the group – and I felt the most on purpose I ever have. As I’ve increased this work, the feedback has been powerful and consistent… that occasionally working with a compassionate woman can be crucial to jumpstart and add a valuable perspective to the work men do in group.

So, I decided that I would be able to offer the most impactful work to the most number of men if I contained my travel to North America for a year, and worked with as many men’s groups as possible in that amount of time.
I’ve tended to be in each city for a minimum of a week, and longer when more groups which meet on conflicting nights ask me to stay.

I’m happy to share some testimonials below from some of the men’s groups from the past two years, so you can get a sense of their response from the work we’ve done together.

I’ve worked directly in ManKindProject I-Groups, Evryman Groups, and independent men’s groups. I have not yet worked in No More Mr. Nice Guy groups, though I look forward to it, if it works for your formats.

Back to logistics…

This US/ Canadian tour is a driving tour, so I won’t be back through your city for a year, most likely.

I’m happy to oblige whichever men’s group in your city reaches me first! And, I’m happy to discuss the possibilities of planning a larger group to include as many men as possible while I’m in town.

The program is designed as a 4 hour program. It can be shortened if utterly necessary; it just means that less men get to do individual work. We’d do more group work.

I like the model of using men’s group nights as my community service and giving because I want to give to men. Then the group (or individuals, however you structure your group fees) gets to donate to me, as a reflection of the value of the work, and as an investment in this work continuing. I love that several leaders have motivated others in their group by saying “Let’s give so much to Erin that she *wants* to come back and work with us!” There is no way I could give any less than my BEST to you, and I want to create an environment where we both WANT to give to each other!!! I request a donation of $75 per man, per evening, WITH NO MAN LEFT BEHIND for lack of funds. Please give more if you can, to help accommodate that there are usually a higher percentage of men who need to give less.

Men in the group often like to host me as I stay in town, and I love to stay with them and their partners. We get to have “kitchen table talks”… more personal sharing time than when we are in the outside world. I could stay with friends outside the men’s groups. I can stay in hotels. On this mission, the point of my traveling this way *is* to connect with as many people dedicated to men’s work as possible. I am eating, sleeping, and breathing, men’s work!

And just to be abundantly clear, I consider men in men’s groups as clients, which means no dating or sexual behavior between us.

I teach my classes on nights that you don’t have men’s groups, and that sometimes covers expenses. I ask for people in the community to offer scholarships for those in the community who need them, and can benefit from classes. If classes are small, I love to host them in participants’ homes to save on expenses. As more people hear about this mission, I hope to build a significant scholarship fund to help the many men who need it, and a Patreon account to help with my travel expenses when many men need to give less. You’ll be giving so that more men can develop their healthy masculinity! Please email me at to ask how you can contribute. I am looking for donors, sponsors… all heroes, no matter the amount. I donate, too!

Testimonials from the men’s groups specifically that I’ve worked with the past 2 years:

“I’ve started, lead and trained others to lead men’s groups. There is nothing more powerful or enjoyable than a men’s group. In the course of 20+ years being involved in groups, men’s lives were saved, others created relationships they never thought possible, and there are the men who went on to create life-changing organizations.

Once we had a strong group, I pushed to bring in women to experience authentic men. For the men, I wanted them to be able to interact as a group of women who got them. The initial resistance quickly melted once the men experienced a woman being real with them.

Over the last year, Erin Brandt visited our network of groups bringing her deep love and respect for men. Quickly all the men thawed. They opened up to experiencing Erin’s unique gifts. One powerful process she did with each man was to sit in to represent any woman in their life. We had men who in the past did deep work, going to places I never saw them go. These men released parts they didn’t know they still carried.

Not any woman could not only hold the space for a man in that way—but with her presence invite a man to go deeper than he ever had.

If there is any chance you can get Erin to attend your group—do it. Tell your colleagues to do it. You and your group will benefit. Take the risk.

If you have any questions, call me, or any men at our groups:”
Owen Marcus
Founder of Sandpoint Men’s Group

“I have been in men’s group for over 10 years. In that time I have developed a much deeper understanding of myself and, as a result, dramatically improved the quality of all of my most important relationships. And yet, particularly with my wife, there were areas we just could not see eye to eye. Especially around sex and money. Erin was amazing. She helped me (and my wife) understand some of the inherent differences in men and women that make it a challenge to be a long term relationship. How we see the world, our communication styles and, even more deeply, our deepest needs as men. Erin’s passion for men’s work, her compassion for people and her ability to hold space to facilitate healthy learning was incredibly helpful to my most important relationship.”
Wayne P.

“Erin offered our men’s group her energetic feminine presence, emanating confidence, radiance, vulnerability, and fearlessness. She truly affirmed and accepted men. Her skills and practices were evocative and effective, with a touch of wildness and innovation. After experiencing Erin, I now believe that men’s work must encounter the embodied feminine to activate our full potentials and clear our projections. Any men’s group would benefit greatly from inviting Erin into their circle.”
Eric Diamond, Ph.D.
Founder and Director of the Gainesville Men’s Center
Gainesville, FL

See more testimonials, if you’d like, on my Testimonials page.