“I have attended quite a few men’s workshops/weekends in Melbourne and relationship workshops, which have all been amazing. So, I was thinking, how could the “Challenge to Men” workshops be much different? Well, they were. I found the workshops very practical in the way they apply directly to how men relate to women (and how women relate to men). The teachings were very insightful and so useful. For me, it was like taking David Deida’s work and John Gottman’s advice, and creating some very hands-on practical ways to improve relationships and understanding of women. Awesome stuff. Highly recommended”.

“I couldn’t tell you how refreshing and on point your Challenge for Men was. Your compassion for us men was moving, I thank you in the name of all the guys there. It felt amazing to be acknowledge and understood as men and what we go through. This is so, so very rare.”

“I was moved by your sharing, by how you continued to reground yourself during the talk, and by your upholding the standard which required asking a couple of women to leave. Your ability to hold and maintain a grounded space for all the attendees was really powerful, and quite sexy.

Thank you for sharing your insights, and I look forward to whatever is next.”

Erin is a perceptive, straight talking coach – someone who cares and stays present. She not only shares her insight and personal takes, but would ask the right questions for me to have my own insights and epiphanies. She is a pleasure to work with.

Dan Jiang, Toronto

“I fricking LOVED LOVED your workshop “Challenge to Men.” I would have avoided a lot of drama in my previous relationship if I had done that workshop, and known to connect the dots and respect my intuition that the woman was seriously out of integrity and bring it up. I love your ballsiness in calling out this phenomenon and standing up for men and empowering us through that conversation. Immense RESPECT!

It is hard to be amidst a crowd of so many tuned in men and hold yourself and not contract, and you were magnificent!

I know a lot of men got served there. I can tell from the look in their eyes (mixture of appreciation, gratitude and just feeling clear and good).”

“I have never seen someone teach like Erin that was so attuned to each person in the room. It was beautiful to feel her passion for her subject and her deep empathy for the frustration that men experience in the bedroom. I was blown away with Erin’s passion for the plight of both men and women and her insightful solutions to resolving the impasse that stops them from having and enjoying sex. She helped open a door for me in dealing with my wife that allows me to respect my desires and my wife’s desires at the same time.

I believe that a lot of men and women are frustrated around sex and I am thrilled that finally someone has the courage to stand up and say that what is happening sucks and has come up with solutions that work. ”

“It was immensely powerful to have a woman like Erin acknowledge the frustrations and deep challenges we face as men to connect sexually with women. She understood it on deep emotional level. As beautiful as an event Burning Man is, it is a constant personal challenge being faced with so much sexuality and not being able to do a whole lot about it. Like it is so close yet so out of your reach. The meditation we did imagining having a woman’s “penetrable opening” was very illuminating towards the vulnerability of women having this organ which can be the source of great pleasure but yet incredible hurt. Hence the need to feel comfortable, connected and secure with a partner.

Erin, your role playing scenarios of how to frame the communication with women is also quite powerful. The idea of allowing ourselves to have desires but not “dumping it” on the other person was quite valuable as well.”

“Hi Erin! I absolutely loved your class, it was I believe the most powerful class I took while at Burning Man. Just outstanding. Thank you very much for offering it, you really did help me a lot, I wish I would have that angle of instruction from a woman’s perspective a long time ago.”

“I was really impressed with what you took on at Burning Man. I love what you were bringing to the men at your class “Challenge to Men.” One woman in a room with 100 men standing for their greatness — you were awesome.

I saw many men who didn’t appear to be stepping up to the acknowledgment and challenge you were offering. I heard later that they did. If they got there, it’s because you got them there.

So great for them to experience a woman who loves and champions men, and who welcomes their authentic desire.”